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                                      Kids of All Ages (K-6) Like the Desk Fairy

      SHHHH!! The secret of the Desk Fairy is what makes her work! 

Students Love the Desk Fairy...

"Dear Desk Fairy, Thanks for the prize. "
≈1st grade student

"Dear Desk Fairy,
I want to thank you for the letter the other day.  I also was wondering if maybey (sic) you can tell me who's (sic) desk you think is the cleanest. F.Y.I. I love contests.  Again Thank You! P.S. Please again, write back so I know you got this.
From the neat freak Amanda"
≈4th grade student

Teachers Love the Desk Fairy...

"I didn't think 6th graders would care about the Desk Fairy, But, they really do even though they know there really isn't a fairy."
≈6th grade teacher

"I read the story to my students at 2:15.  My students are all furiously cleaning desks!!!"
≈4th grade teacher email sent at 2:18 pm

"Thank you very much for the Desk Fairy. It certainly made a difference!"
≈4th grade teacher
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